Day 7, 30th June. Candling at 1 week incubation

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July 15, 2012 by janem213

After one week (30th June) Lou and I candled the eggs. Candling is when a bright light is shone through the egg. The following link tells you all about it (with photos):

(I was going to take photos of the candled eggs but wanted to put them back in the incubator as soon as possible and not interfere with them too much.)

It was amazing, candling the eggs the first time. All week I’d keep going to the incubator and peering in, wondering how they were doing. Would they be ok? The candler clearly showed the blood vessels inside the egg and, as it was moved side to side, you could see the embryo inside swaying. It was so exciting. We candled the Black East Indy eggs first; they were all fine. And then the Call duck ones. Six were fine but one was questionable. It wasn’t totally clear (unfertilised) or black (bad) and there were some blood vessels, but there weren’t as defined as the other six. We put this one to the side. It would be rechecked when we candled the eggs the following week.


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