Day 14, 7th July. Candling at 2 weeks incubation

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July 15, 2012 by janem213

After two weeks (7th July) Dad was visiting and we candled the eggs together. We started with the Black East Indian eggs and then the Call duck ones, the six good ones and then the one questionable one.

It was incredible to see the difference just a week on. The embryos were now huge as I rolled out from side to side to see it sway as I had done at 1 week I saw it wriggle in protest! All 4 Black East Indy ducks and the 6 Call ones were fine… but the questionable one was now more or less colourless. You could seem a small black dot, when the embryo had begun to develop but there was nothing more. I double checked it with Lou the next day and she agreed it would need to be discarded. Interestingly, it was one of the newest eggs hatched on 19/6 not one of the oldest ones.

Here are the 6 Call duck eggs on the left and the 4 BEI ones on the right:


The B or C and hatch date are clear here; the 7th Call duck egg has been discarded, but Anthea had included an extra one for free you may recall


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