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July 15, 2012 by janem213

I got the eggs off ebay, from a lovely lady called Anthea who lives in Cheshire. Duck and chicken eggs don’t need to be incubated by their mother or an articicial incubator for several days – the mother duck or hen will lay lots of eggs and sit on them when she’s got enough. The eggs were hatched between 13th and 19th June, were bought on the 20th, posted on the 21st, arrived on the 22nd. After 24 hours of being kept still and the freshly disinfected incubator had had a day on the correct settings to get ready, the eggs went in the incubator, Saturday 23rd June. Here are the eggs, just arrived  : )   

7 Call ducks eggs, all different colours, and 4 Black East Indian ducks at the bottom. The tabs at the top tell you more about the different breeds. The auction was for 6+4 but Anthea had included an extra Call duck egg : )  

The eggs were all individually wrapped in bubble wrap etc and then in the polystyrene nobbly bits and sent special delivery. All arrived safely.


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