D Day (thanks for that Matt!) – Pipping!!!!!!!!

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July 16, 2012 by janem213

Got in from work today and checked to find one had pipped!! So exciting! There’s a little lump on the shell, made from the inside! : )))

Hope you can see it ok, second one from the right. There’s also a smaller one (not visible) second from the left. They’re both Call duck eggs, as expected.

Having made this tiny air hole the duckling will be so tired it’ll take him or her another 1 or 2 days to hatch. And this one’s the first, the others will hopefully pip shortly, and the Black East Indies  possiblity a little later than the Calls…

It’s so exciting! Up ’til now you’re wondering if all the messing them about, having problems with the settings on the incubator etc. etc., whether any would hatch at all, particularly with them both being difficult breeds to hatch. Not out of the woods, but 1, possibly 2, are alive so far. Hurrah!

So today is D Day, Duck-Day, whatever happens  : )




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