Ducks and water (thanks Julie!)

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July 16, 2012 by janem213

Unlike wild ducklings, domestic ones don’t have waterproofed feathers for some time and so are at risk of drowning. You also have to be careful they don’t get too cold after they’ve got wet. All ducklings though need water to clean their beaks and sinuses. They also like to wet their food to eat it… All this is a consideration as soon as they go in the broody.

When they’re old enough they do (no surprise) love a swim but it’s important they have a way in and out the water. I had been thinking of a permanent pond but ducks make the water so mucky it’s better to have a small pool that can be emptied and refilled frequently and easily. Julie is going to lend me a plastic child’s sandpit/paddling pool which will be perfect. Thank you Julie!  : )


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