6pm. I’ll say it again… Just to warn you…

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July 17, 2012 by janem213

No further developments since this morning. I’ll post as soon as I have any news…

But while I’m here, I’ll say it again, just to warn you – – – these ducks, both breeds, are notoriously hard to hatch. Call ducks have short necks, short bills (is it a bill or a beak or does it matter??!) (whatever, they’re comparatively short), and hatching is even more difficult than for normal sized ducks: It may be that very few, or even none at all, hatch. Just to warn you……..  : |

I really, really hope that won’t be the case but if it is I have a back up plan, if not too traumatised by the whole thing – Miniature Silver Appleyards! (I won’t do a special tab for them unless it comes to it, but you can check the links to the other breeds for them if  you’re very keen. And no, there are no brownie points if you do!) They are a relatively breed but I know of someone who can supply some. If only a few of this batch make it then I might do some anyway. (And there we all were, thinking this blog might have soon served its purpose!)

So, just to warn you…

Thank you, on behalf of all the Ducky Ducklings, for your interest. (And that really is a pretty awful name!)


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