11.45pm. Video – Call duckling moving inside egg!

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July 17, 2012 by janem213

Fabulous, wonderful news! We have definite LIFE! Some of the ducklings have internally pipped, i.e., broken through the membrane into the air sack before subsequently breaking through the shell (externally pipping). And below is a video of one of them!

It’s brilliant! Fantastic! After an evening of doing exactly what I tell patients and relatives not to do, i.e., looking things up on the internet, and getting despondent — “Shouldn’t I see the eggs moving by now??” “Is that really an external pip [hole]??” “Maybe none of them will survive??” (There are so many horror stories out there) – I waited until it was really dark and candled them. And here is a little video of one of them:


This is the duckling, a Call duckling, having poked its head through the membrane into the air sack, breathing, wriggling about, and (hopefully) preparing to make a hole through the shell. Hope-fully! As the CO2 builds up in the air sack so this encourages the duckling to break out, helped by the increasing pressure in the egg.

I checked all of them very briefly and was thrilled when I first saw movement (the one above). There was definite movement in 3 or 4 of them, but no movement that I could see (so far) in the others. I couldn’t see anything in the 4 Black East Indian ones, but then they may be a little later than the Calls.

I had to be as quick as possible, so only briefly checked each egg and then took the video – the temperate and humidity in the incubator mustn’t fluctuate too much – but the incubator quickly righted itself. It’s so tempting to keep looking but I must be patient… How cute is the little duckling?!!


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