12pm midday. A definite external pip!!

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July 18, 2012 by janem213

Egg no.1 has externally pipped! A definite external pip! I’ll add a photo when home from work.

[Here’s the photo……………………………………………]

The duckling is settled down in the shell, little movement, shattered after all its hard work making a hole in the shell. He or she may take another 24 or 48 hours to ‘unzip’ the shell from the inside and hatch.

Duckling in egg no.2 is filling the air sack and moving about a lot. It looks like he or she’s trying to make a hole  : )  After I’d looked at them all, as quickly as possible, I listened with a stethoscope and thought could hear him or her hard at work, but may have been imagining it!

Good news (I think) about no 7, the one with the first dimple “Is it an external pip?” For the first time I saw movement, underneath the air sack. It’s hard when I am not quite sure what I’m looking at, despite all the reading. The others – I didn’t see much movement this time.

Next update, 6pm+


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