6am. And the news is…! Introducing Clive : )

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July 18, 2012 by janem213

Yawn…No news at all! Well not quite – no visible change with any of them including no.8, who hadn’t made the hole in his egg any bigger, but then he didn’t seem to be moving, but then he was – – so, er, no news at all!

Once they’ve externally pipped (made a hole in the shell) they’re so tired they tend to collapse in a heap for 1 or even 2 days. Chickens are much quicker, but then have little pointy beaks as opposed to a nice large, round bill. Ducks do have a special egg tooth to help them hatch but even then it takes so long.

I had hoped no.8 would be showing more progress, though who knows what’s going on inside his shell? I didn’t touch, left him be, was just glad he’s still [Clive] … !!

Alive!!! Am doing this on my phone (even adding videos to YouTube and putting links in posts, all on the phone) but every so often the predictive text will come up with an obscure and funny alternative that it thinks I use more frequently. But Clive?!!!! I have never, ever inputed ‘Clive’ before today!

I think we’ve got the first name! If this duckling survives he or she will be called Clive! : )


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