Day 25, 18th July. 6am. 2 more eggs have movement!

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July 18, 2012 by janem213

There’s movement in another 2 eggs!!! Tiny movement, but it’s still movement!

Am going to do something contentious. Moi?! You’re not meant to open the incubator more than is absolutely necessary – they call it ‘lockdown’ for a reason. Understandably though, I want to keep an eye on their progress. My plan is to open the incubator for as short a time as possible, once every 6 hours…

At around Midnight, 2 Call duck eggs were internally pipped, but I couldn’t see anything else… [see previous post with video]

6am this morning, 2 more had little movements along the edge of air sack, though not a definite bill in the air sack as with the earlier two. 3 other eggs had a hard line between chick and air sack but on one side it looks like the membrane has peeled away on the inside, so its paler and red. I was a bit concerned by this but have since read this can happen when the duckling is pushing into the air sack.The others are all just hard lines, so far.

Hopefully the new 2 will be properly into the air sack when I check them lunchtime, and they’ll be more progress on the others too. Check back soon to find out!


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