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July 18, 2012 by janem213

A-nother random post…

Lou says it’s good to cheep at the eggs because it encourages them to hatch. (Actually, it’s addictive. ‘Cheep Cheep Cheep!’)  But there’s only so much ‘Cheep Cheep Cheep’-ing you can do, especially when you need to go to work or want to sleep! – So last night I had an idea:

I recorded ‘Cheep Cheep Cheep!’ for a minute on my phone. Half through the minute I started talking to them: “Come on duckys! You can do it!” and then more ‘Cheep Cheep Cheep!’ (This would get them used to my voice too.)  I transferred it to the laptop. Burnt it onto a CD. It didn’t play. Researched what formats would work. Downloaded some handy free software. Converted it to a format that would play on CD. Burnt it onto a CD. Played it on the CD player, on repeat, over and over. It played quietly through the night, and I put it on louder through the day while the neighbours were out. There is only one problem:

The free software records a woman saying “[XYZ] Media Demo” every 15 seconds over my recording, and it’s much louder than me ‘Cheep’-ing or talking! When these poor ducklings finally get hatched they’ll be saying ‘Where is she??!’ ‘Where is Mrs [XYZ]?!!’ !!!!


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