Miracle ducky! No.8, sneaky external pip!!!

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July 18, 2012 by janem213

Thought I’d just check each of egg that hadn’t externally pipped – so glad I did! I was advised to keep the eggs upright, which is what I’ve done. When I checked no.8 (previously no movement seen) I found a small hole towards the pointy end of the shell. Lou had said sometimes they go straight through membrane and shell in one go, i.e., there’s no internal pip first. This hole was so low down though that I would never have seen it if I hadn’t picked the egg up but also he or she might have had difficulty proceeding, if he was effectively upside down and against the sides of the container. (Almost certainly a male, having to do things his way!!!!) Here he is:

I put him on my hand and I could feel him wriggling inside the shell  : )  Laying him on his side in the incubator when I went ‘Cheep Cheep Cheep’ he responded by rocking from side to side!! Here it is on video:


I do hope he’ll be ok…………………  : )


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