10pm. No.2 duckling HATCHES! Second!! (Are they going to hatch in number order?!!!)

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July 19, 2012 by janem213

Here is no.2, out of his or her shell:

They’re so different – no.1 is brown and patterned and no.2 is yellow. No.2 needs to dry out and fluff up before going in the brooder – expecting to put them in there at 6am. It’s all ready: lined with the puppy training pads; heat lamp at one end; water in a sort of upside down water fountain at the other (if they splash the heat lamp it can shatter); a jam jar lid (initially) for some food in the middle, which (initially) will be wetted. Lou says that once one starts eating, they all get the idea : )

Can hardly believe they’ve started to arrive!!


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