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July 19, 2012 by janem213

No.4, the keen BEI, has externally pipped! Haven’t seen any definite movement yet from the other three (5,6,10), though as said previously, they may be later than the Call ducks. As for them:

No.9, although not visible is definitely internally pipped and cheeping away! No.7 is also cheeping like mad and you can see his head moving about inside. Hopefully they’ll both externally pip soon.

No.s 1+2 have now been approx 24 hours since externally pipping, both cheeping but no further apparent progress. Decided to take a tiny piece of shell off where they had made their external pip and found the membrane underneath was quite leathery. (Possibly low humidity – I have checked them so regularly – though the incubator is very quick to bring the humidity back up to 65%. I sprayed both with a mist of warm water (and each of the others as I checked them) With both I saw the duckling nosing the membrane, but if it’s that tough would they be able to get out? I then made a little hole in the membrane of each. I’ve got to go to work shortly, hopefully they’ll be some progress by the time I’m back.

With no.3, when I put the egg to my ear I couldn’t hear him cheeping, even to my cheeps, but I could hear what sounded like him grinding at the shell from the inside.
I tried the same thing as with no.s 1+2 but the shell was different and didn’t flake off but made an actual hole. Hope he’ll be ok.

I think I’ve said before, many websites advocate not helping ducks hatch but I found one that actively does for Call ducks. She recommends removing a bit of shell if it’s been some time – but stop if there are any blood vessels/bleeding. Maybe I should have waited longer but the membranes were clear. I tried the same with no.8 who is still cheeping away and rocking about, but there was the tiniest bit of blood so I stopped. Hopefully he’ll be ok.

Got to get to work! More later!


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