6pm. No.1 has HATCHED!!


July 19, 2012 by janem213

Photo shortly! And update on others : )

Here he is! No.1, the first duckling to hatch : )  He or she is very fluffy now and ready to come out of the incubator into the broody, but he really needs a friend with him! I came home after a <<great>> thing happened at work today, to find I had a duckling! – which made it a <<greater>> day still!!

No.s 2,3 and 8 are all contenders! Hopefully one of them will hatch soon.

No.s 7 and 9 will hopefully internally pip soon…

That’s all the Call ducks, all doing so well. As for the Black East Indies:

No.4 had externally pipped by midday. I left him or her alone – it could be 24 or 48 hours from then until he or she hatches.

No.10 from previously no movement – movement! Possible internal pip  : )

No.s 5+6 are no longer a hard line but no visible movement as yet.

Who do you think? 2, 3 or 8?!


6 thoughts on “6pm. No.1 has HATCHED!!

  1. Charlotte Davies says:

    Hi Jane, it’s Charlotte from SCBU. Your two ducklings are gorgeous! Hope u have more soon, have fun hatching! x

    • janem213 says:

      Hi Charlotte 🙂 Pls thank Alex for passing blog address to you. All hatched now – you can tell the day I’ve had [ducklings/work/ducklings] that I’m only just replying now! It’s been an amazing experience & I’ve 6 very cute bundles of fluff downstairs to show for it!

  2. Sarah Davis says:

    Wow!!! Well done you and duckling 1 🙂
    He/she looks so cute and that’s a great photo!

  3. trish says:


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