9am. No.7 int pip, No.9 porridge! All 6 Call duck eggs progressing!

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July 19, 2012 by janem213

Just had a quick look. No.9, the only Call duck egg where ’til now I’ve seen no movement? There’s definite porridge! Hurrah! (For a definition of ‘porridge’ and other not-so-technical terms, refer to previous posts!)

Also, no.7, the one with the dimple, now has a definite internal pip! Hurrah!

All 6 Call Ducks are now progressing, though they’ve all the hardest job of their lives ahead of them, hatching. Come on duckys! You can do it!

Of the BEI (Black East Indians ducks), who are expected to hatch later – one has definite porridge; one lumpy pre-movement line; one slightly non-hard line; one hard line. And yes, those are all technical terms. Not!


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