Day 27, 20th July. 00.00. More news!

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July 20, 2012 by janem213

Here’s the latest – this will be very brief as I seem to be a little tired!! & will be up again at 6 to check on them…

No.s 3 and 8 will hopefully hatch soon.

No.s 7 has externally pipped : )

…but it looks like sad news about no.9 – although he had only been internally pipped less than 15 hours (as far as I could tell) at 6pm he was tapping the shell and loudly cheeping, now there’s no movement or anything. The helpful website suggested that if the ducklings hadn’t made an external pip within 14-18 hours to make a small hole – I had intended to help him and no. 7 if they hadn’t ext pipped but 7, although int pipping 3 hours earlier was fine… I fear 9 isn’t : (  Have made a small air hole for him. Will check him at 6… I knew there was the possibility of bad news but so far things have really well.

That’s all the Calls. The Black East Indies:

No.4 externally pipped by midday. Nothing further

No. 6 Internal pip  : )

No.10 from previously movement – now no movement seen…

No. 5 still no visible movement as yet.

Both ducklings are doing really well : )


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