Day 27, 20th July. 6am. Another HATCH! That’s 3 ducklings & 3 more, hopefully soon! :)

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July 20, 2012 by janem213

No.8 is hatched!!! Hurrah!! Here is he or she:

This was after I’d taken No.s 1+2 out of the incubator and put them into the broody [see next post]

As for the others:

No.s 3, 4 and 7 will hopefully hatch soon   : ) At the moment No.8 seems quite lost without his friends, so hopefully soon 3 or one of the others will join him or her. By the way, 4 is a Black East Indy! The first one  : )

No.9 still no movement, having previously been internally pipped, cheeping and tapping on the inside of the shell. Now nothing. I made a tiny hole (midnight), but it looks like it’s too late  : (

Nature’s way, they wouldn’t be helped at all… lots websites/sources advocate not helping all… the website I’ve mentioned previously, specifically about helping Call ducks hatch since (as I’ve said before) they have particular difficulty hatching due to their very short necks and short bills, that website advocates waiting 14-18 hours if an egg is internally but not externally pipped and then to make a small hole so they can breathe and stand a chance. Although it hadn’t been 14-18 hours I was too late  : (  It’s true that even with a hole it might have died anyway, that maybe it wasn’t viable, but it was so vigorous and full of life previously. As I said in the last post, I knew there was likely to be losses – it’s incredible that the other 5 Call ducks all look like they’re doing ok. Hope so!!

As regards the Black East Indies:

No.4 should hatch soon! He’s way ahead of the rest. Anthea who I got the eggs from said they’d hatch more or less at the same time – although Call ducks are the smallest domestic duck breed BEI are a bantam (minature) breed too. However, there has been little progress with two of the others. Either they’re not going to hatch or they’re just going to be much later. Time will tell…

No. 6 had internally pipped at midnight  : )  After what has probably to no.9, I decided not to wait another 6 hours and made a tiny hole. He’s very vigorous in his shell, and cheeping.  : )

No.s 5+10 both had no discernable movement… Of the other two BEI, no.4 had small movements, then definite ‘porridge’ for 20+ hours, then straight to an external pip; no.6 had no discernable movement at 6pm last night and by midnight, suddenly, a definite internal pip! So different. I’m sure I saw movement from no.10 at 6pm – well that’s what I wrote down – but there’s been nothing discernable at midnight or now. It was pre-internal pip movement, not a definite bill waving at me from inside the shell right up in the air sack, so might still be in the membrane. The fact that there’s been no discerable movement for 12 hours though is not looking promising.

It’s strange that I’ve been more concerned about the Call ducks than the BEIs not making it, when now (so far) they are doing so well. It looks like it’s probably 5/6 for the Calls. And so far 2/4 for the BEIs………………. or maybe they’re just very late. Time will tell. Will have to keep being patient!!

You can tell I’ve not had much sleep, can’t you?! If you’re still reading this, and still awake, you deserve a medal!!

3 ducklings : )  and hopefully 3 more soon  : )  That’s the story so far….


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