The final count – 6 Ducklings in all : )

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July 20, 2012 by janem213

The last duckling has hatched and the final count – – – 6 Ducklings in all:

1st – No.1, born approx 2pm on Thursday 19th  —  sandy and brown, dark stripe on bill

2nd – No.2, approx 10pm – yellow (white)

3rd – Lucky No. 8 (as below*), approx 4am this morning – sandy and brown, slighter stripe on bill

4th – No. 3, approx 8am – dark brown with yellow spots on his or her back

5th – No.4, approx 2pm – black (BEI), eventually black with a green sheen

6th – No.7, approx 8pm – brown and sandy

Sadly, one Call duck (out of 6 viable eggs*, the 7th was discarded on Day 14 as it hadn’t developed) and three of the Black East Indies (out of 4) didn’t make it. Sad and disappointing to have only one of the BEIs make it but amazing to have 5 of the Call ducks to survive, given all the stories that I’ve heard.

Some of the ones who didn’t make it were upside down : (  As mentioned previously, I wish I’d come across that very helpful website earlier – If you’re really interested here’s a link to it. Towards the bottom it has a section specifically about hatching Call Ducks:

One of the things it advocates is making sure the pointy end is lower than the other end (which has the air sack), either on their side, or better still, upright with the pointy end down. I had set them in the incubator on their sides and it was only into the third week that I found the above website. I noticed a couple of mine had their pointy ends slightly higher. I gradually inverted all 10 eggs upright over 24 hours; too late for these, but maybe it did help some of the others. If I ever do this again these are lessons learnt.

*But all that said, lucky No.8 was upside down – and survived! No internal pip, straight through membrane and shell to external pip. He is a special little ducky. Think I’ve got my first name – Lucky! Though who was going to be Clive?!!! Just checked, it was No.8!  : )   Clive or Lucky? What do you think?

Here’s No.8 all fluffed up and looking huge alongside No.3, not long hatched.

Am exhausted! – though probably not quite as tired as No.3 in the above photo!!! Would I do this again…? That’s a question!

Will post some photos of them in the broody soon…


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