Introducing … CHARLIE!

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July 21, 2012 by janem213

Introducing … CHARLIE!

Here’s Charlie, Georgia suggested Charlotte but Charlie will do whether he’s male … or she’s female! (Hope that’s ok Georgia!) I’ll call Charlie he for now…

Charlie happened to be in egg No.1 which happened to be the first to hatch. He was born (must stop saying that!) HATCHED approx 2pm on Thursday 19th July. As you can see he is a dark sandy colour and has a distinctive dark stripe down his bill (& on the ridges of his feet).

He is the strongest and most dominant, probably much down to the fact he’s 8 hours older than any of the others. I waited until the next one hatched and put them in the broody together, but by then he was trampling all over the eggs and ducklings still trying to hatch, and pecking at everything.

Approx 4 hours old


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