Introducing … SNOWY!

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July 21, 2012 by janem213

Introducing … SNOWY!

Yes, Snowy is a yellow colour… but will eventually be white. It’s so lovely to have a mixture of colours. Snowy hatched from egg No.2 and happened to be second. It’s a 1 in 900 chance that the first two would be born in order; what a coincidence… S/he hatched approx 10pm on Thursday 19th.

Snowy and Charlie went in the broody together and took to it like a you-know-what to water. They very quickly found it nice and warm under the heat lamp, and soon tucking into some food (called chick crumbs, also for chickens though ducks must have a non-medicated variety) which I’d wetted. Once one got the idea, they both did. By the next day they were happily eating dry food and going for a drink to help swallow it, and showing the others who were also introduced in pairs what to do.

More photos:

Not even an hour old  : )

Just the two of them at this point in the broody: Charlie and Snowy with ‘friend’ (who was later removed when they pooped over him – sorry, have read too many American duck egg hatching websites recently!)


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