Introducing … DINKY!


July 22, 2012 by janem213

Introducing … DINKY!

Dinky was hatched last, approx 7pm on Friday 20th – all six ducks hatched in the space of approx 28 hours. He was in the incubator with Indy who was by then 5 hours hatched, until he was put in the broody, approx 12 hours after he was hatched. The others had gone in 8 or more hours but I wanted to get a bit of sleep after the last couple of days and waited til the morning. Actually, I think now that I should have left him in there longer, but I’d thought at the time it would be better to move them in pairs that they had company in the incubator etc.. He was very weak, and initially I was really worried about him. He’s also comparatively small, being the youngest, thus his name – though he may grow up to be the largest. He’s fine now, running around with the rest of them, eating and drinking fine.

Dinky is brown like Brownie with the same yellow spots on his back. The stripes on his face reach to the dark brown on the back of his head, whereas Brownie’s stripes don’t. He’s the last duckling you see in the video which will be in the next post.

Here are some photos of him:

Just hatched

Brownie with his back to us and Dinky at the back, with (from top to bottom) Snowy, Indy and Lucky


2 thoughts on “Introducing … DINKY!

  1. Julie says:

    Well done mum , gorgeous, look forward to seeing them all.

    Have fun, enjoy

    Julie x

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