Introducing … INDY!

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July 22, 2012 by janem213

Introducing … INDY!

Arguably the most unoriginal name, though the rest aren’t either, it’s true! Indy was the only one of the 4 Black East Indian duck eggs to hatch. He hatched approx 2pm on Friday 20th. He’s a blacky-brown colour now but when full grown will have a green sheen over the black [see the tab above for further details of the breed]

Indy looks a little different from the others. His neck is slightly longer and he rivals Charlie who is a whole day older in size. (And yes they are growing fast!) He features in the video (along with the other six) but you get a good idea of his size etc. in that… posted after these 6 posts…

Indy, not long hatched:


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