Introducing … LUCKY!

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July 22, 2012 by janem213

Introducing … LUCKY!

Lucky needs little introduction if you’ve been reading the other posts. He was in egg No.8 that I discovered had an external pip at the bottom of the shell. i.e., he was in the wrong position in the shell and instead of putting his head into the air sack, giving him time and strength to make an external pip (hole) in the shell, he went through membrane and shell in one go, and survived. A couple of others were also upside down and did not survive…

Lucky hatched about 4am on Friday 20th. He dried out to be a light sandy colour – Charlie is a darker sandy colour. Lucky has a paler stripe down his bill. Here are some more photos of him:

Not long born, already a character

Charlie on the left, darker in colour; Lucky on the right.

The egg he came out of, with the hole he made in the bottom


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