Thursday 26th July – 1 week old! with video

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July 26, 2012 by janem213

I say 1 week old, the younger three won’t be a week old until tomorrow!

All’s gone well. I was very concerned about Dinky (the youngest) initially but he’s fine.

A few observations…

Even only one day old the down by their tails suddenly looked like it was changing and becoming more feathery:

Within a couple of days some of them seemed to grow exponentially while others have grown more slowly – Dinky is still dinky, as are Indy and Charlie; Snowy’s quite large; Brownie and Lucky are (comparatively) huge! Here’s a photo showing Brownie and Lucky with Dinky in the middle. They will all grow at different rates and some may end up being much larger adults, but it is extraordinary:

The thing that ducks do best is dabble and splash water about (that and poop – excuse the American spelling but it does sound better than any English alternatives that come readily to mind!) The fish tank has been a good idea but they’ve still managed to splash up the walls. I change the puppy house training pads that line the floor, put fresh water in, turn my back, a couple of minutes later everything’s soggy. They just so love the water! As for the other? Wish they made the puppy pads in brown!!!

[Don’t need a photo of all that – there’s enough in the previous one!!]

Here’s a short video of ducklings in the kitchen sink, having a dabble with a little water in a saucer. Love the sound they make! It gives you a good idea of what they’re like now – busy little ducklings, into everything and growing very fast!

Ducklings in the kitchen sink:

Tomorrow I’ll upload a video of them having their first swim!  : )


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