Duckling colours… Charlie and Lucky

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July 28, 2012 by janem213

Indy is a Black East Indian (as above tab) and will be black with a green sheen when full grown…

Brownie and Dinky are both mallard patterned, like wild Mallards only in minature. They’re classic browny-black with yellow ‘sun spots’…

Snowy is archetypal duckling-yellow and will be white when adult…

… but Charlie and Lucky?

Initially I had difficulty telling them apart. Charlie was a dark sandy colour and Lucky a lighter sandy colour. Now their colours are much more distinct and different.


Charlie is a definite blue/grey colour with a distinct white bib. (I think) s/he’ll be a blue bibbed like the following. This is one of Anthea’s ducks, who I got the eggs from:

Here’s some pictures of Charlie at 9 days old, showing this colouring. (I think!). He looks a bit chocolatey in these but he’s more bluey/grey in real life:


I think Lucky might be a snowy/silver like this one of Anthea’s, but am not sure:

Here’s some photos of Lucky at 9 days. (The yellow will be white, remember). What do you think?:

Not sure… have emailed Anthea to ask her what she thinks.


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