Duckys enjoying their new pool! Thanks Julie!

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August 12, 2012 by janem213

The ducklings are now 3 weeks old, which seems almost as impressive as the big birthday I celebrated this past week! Here’s some photos of each of them enjoying their new pool in the big enclosure, and a video too. (Just waiting for their new house to arrive until they’re in the enclosure permanently…) Thanks again Julie!! – and thanks to Nicky, Lou and you for your help with the enclosure, much appreciated.

The oldest, Charlie, looking very blue-ish now:

Snowy, getting whiter and whiter every day:

Lucky, still not sure of his/her actual colour… Blue fawn? Snowy? You can see his/her feathers coming through and replacing the down:

Brownie (aka Shreevey!):

Indy, the Black East Indian duck, showing off his long (compared to the Call ducks) neck and long bill:

& lastly, Dinky, still smaller than Brownie but not that dinky any more!

Here’s the video. The stones are so they can get in and out…


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