Day 21 – Second lot of eggs, candled for 3rd time

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August 14, 2012 by janem213

With the first lot of eggs I didn’t bother candling them at 21 days because the duckling is so large there’s little to see, but I thought I’d have a go with the second lot. Here are a couple of photos (they are off my mobile, and not great, but hopefully give you an idea).

This shows really good blood vessels, though I thought there ought to be more dark mass of where the duckling is. Hope it’ll be ok…

This one shows a dark mass that is the duckling and a large air sac at the top:

I only candled 4 or 5. One in particular looks like it’s stopped developing ūüė¶¬† I had¬†been amazed at Days 7 + 14¬†¬†that all 12 seemed to be ok¬†– but, as always, particularly with Call ducks, the reality is that a proportion are not going to hatch/survive…

This¬†Thursday I stop turning them (aka, I switch off the automatic turner). Then from Friday I’ll start checking them to see if they’ve internally pipped. And then it’ll be another weekend of being a duck-midwife :)))


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