The ducklings new home + New photos of Indy and Snowy, no longer so ‘yellowy’!

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August 14, 2012 by janem213

Here are some photos of the ducklings new home:

The photos make it look a lot smaller than it is. It’s approx 13 feet x 8 feet…

The ducklings themselves seem to have got even more feathers since yesterday!

Today for the first time I saw a bit of green on Indy! Indy is the Black East Indie [see above page]. When s/he is fully grown s/he will be black with a green sheen all over (like a male mallard’s head) – and here’s the first little bit of green. Hope you can see it ok, on his shoulder, just above his wing. Dinky doesn’t seem too interested though!

… and Snowy is finally looking really white with not so much yellow. S/he’s got proper white feathers on her chest and stomach, her tail feathers, and other places (as you can see), but then patches of yellow down still apparent. The light wasn’t great so I enhanced the contrast, saturation etc. in the photo – s/he really does look like this, quite scrappy, but the rest of the feathers will come through soon:


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