re: size – Rocky is not Dinky(!)

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August 27, 2012 by janem213

With the original 6, Dinky was smaller than Brownie and the others (Brownie being the same colouring, they make a useful comparison). Even now she is still much smaller than them – but the difference between Rocky and the other two is much, much greater. Here’s a photo showing Brownie (the brown mallard-coloured duckling on the left) and Dinky (on the right) at 5-6 days old:

Billy and Marmy are a day younger but look like they’d fit in here, but Rocky who is another 12 hours younger, looks 2 or 3 days behind. Here’s a photo of them earlier today under the heat lamp. Billy on the left, Marmy on the right & Rocky behind. The video just posted of them having a paddle shows the size difference better still.

Yesterday was the first day Rocky was eating and drinking (& that other thing they do!) really well. Hopefully he’ll start to grow better now though he’s unlikely to catch up with Billy and Marmy soon, as they are now stuffing their faces like goslings!! Come on Rocky! You can do it! He too is now stuffing his face like a gosling.


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