The original 6 are split up – the girls go across the road to ducky heaven!

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September 2, 2012 by janem213

This afternoon Lucky, Dinky and Indy went to their new home across the road at Lou and Carl’s. The battery on my phone was too low to take a photo or a video but I’ll try and take some tomorrow & add them then…

Lou and Carl have a lovely large garden that is split into sections. They have Donald and their original 3 girls (all Welsh Harlequins), and Call-ey (the one Call duck) with his girlfriend, Sally (also a Welsh Harlequin – she had 2 ‘siblings’ who’ve now gone to a new home.) Plus! A lot of chickens of a variety of breeds.

Call-ey and Sally were in a smaller section, which is where they usually hang out. It is ducky heaven, with the pond (about the same size as mine) and lots of room and things to explore. On one side there’s a bank which Call-ey and Sally like climbing, which goes up to a fence; at the opposite side is their house, which Carl made; 10 small-ish chicks in an area to one side with netting; a wire mesh fence and gate on the other with Donald & the 3 girls and all the fully/nearly fully grown chickens.

When we released them the 3 started exploring almost immediately. They were soon in the pond. I enticed Call-ey and Sally down the bank with mealworms and the first proper interaction took place – – – Indy stared at them & walked determinedly towards them – they turned & walked away. Indy later interacted with the 4 big ducks, who’d come over to the fence. Indy appeared to be facing up to Donald. Was not what I’d expected from him as he’s always been very placid at mine, and always a little on the outside as if he knew he was somehow different from the 5 Call ducks. I’ve always joked that he’ll need therapy when he’s older! He was always the one exploring the perimeter – I had no worries about him/her across the road as there’s so much to explore… just hadn’t expected him to behave as he did. (Wonder if he is male and not female……) The other 2 stuck more closer together and seemed to settle in quickly. Afterwards I went back home to the 3 boys still shut in their house after the removal of the girls. Charlie, Brownie and Snowy were obviously missing half the flock but I stayed with them for a time and cheered them up with mealworms. Hopefully they, and the other 3, will all settle quickly into the new arrangements………………..

At 8.30pm I went back across the road – the 3 had gone into their new house along with Call-ey and Sally, no problem. When Lou checked inside later, the 3 were huddled together on one side and the 2 on the other. When I got back across the road the 3 boys had already put themselves to bed. I’ll post some photos soon hopefully…




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