Billy and Marmy now outside; the 3 boys check out their new neighbours

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September 3, 2012 by janem213

Billy and Marmy are now outside in what will be their home for a bit (until they join the others or graduate to the enclosure while the 3 boys have part of the garden). They’re 2 weeks old and doing really well. They most enjoyed nosing about in the grass …

… meanwhile their neighbours the 3 boys, tried (not very successfully) to get their attention. (Charlie, blue billed; Brownie, mallard colouring; & Snowy…) They’ve been noticeably subdued since the girls & Indy left. Initially there was a lot of puffing out their chests and bobbing their heads up and down, but they gave up when the 2 ducklings, who are still very young, didn’t reciprocate. The plan is for them to get used to each other before they are all together; at 2 weeks they’re still very young. That said the boys are only 6.5 weeks old, but how grown up they are now!



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