Bye bye Billy and Marmy… : (

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September 16, 2012 by janem213

Billy and Marmy went to their new home today. Was sorry to see them go but as they are both girls I couldn’t keep them; it was the right thing to do (as confirmed on the way there, see below!) They’ve grown so much in the past week. Here’s a photo of them before I went away for the week on a course, Billy at the top above Marmy…

… & on my return, their down now being replaced by feathers. Took me a bit of time to work out which was which! They’ll be 4 weeks old on Monday. Marmy on the left and Billy on the right:

On the drive there they were both Cheep Cheep Cheeping on & off at the top of their voices but amazingly, by the end of the journey, one of them was no longer cheeping but had started to quack for the first time! And what a loud quack! Too loud to be living here!


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