Indy dancing for worms(!) – & update on the girls

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September 16, 2012 by janem213

Indy, Lucky and Dinky are quite settled now across the road; in ‘ducky heaven’, as I’ve said before. Sally has now gone… but the other 4 (I, L, D & Call-y) are very happy together. They are a separate flock from the Welsh Harlequins but have plenty of room to roam to their heart’s content. Lou and Carl have a couple of dogs, here’s one of them by the 4 ducks, all happily co-existing (the dogs aren’t left unsupervised with the ducks & chickens):

There’s one bit of ducky heaven they especially love which is an ex-patch vegetable patch, now turned mud patch! Lou and I noticed Indy doing something very clever – ‘dancing’ to bring the worms to the surface. Here’s a video of it:

& here’s another photo of them enjoying ducky heaven – Lucky stretching out her wing, Dinky, Call-y & Indy:



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