The new Flock* doing what ducks do…

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September 23, 2012 by janem213

*Flock?  or Badelynge, Bunch, Brace, Raft, Team – or my favourite: a Paddling of Ducks!! It can depend whether they’re in the air or ground or water (e.g., Paddling) – but I’ll stick with Flock.

Here’s a video of them doing bad-ness! Well, what ducks love doing – making mud! It’s right at the bottom of the garden, behind the enclosure. It’s one of their favourite places!

And some more photos. They spend their day in lots of different places in the garden but run to me as soon as they see me (wondering what treat I have for them this time!) The only constant is that they tend to stick together : )

It was a nice, sunny day yesterday and I set up a pool out of the enclosure. Spot the shadow of the washing on the line! Proof I didn’t spend all day out in the garden doing nothing else!!! Honest!…

… but there was quite a bit of this yesterday! This is them deciding they’re not that keen on little bits of courgette:

It’s past their bedtime now – time to shut up their house and the enclosure; they’ll have already put themselves to bed like good, grown up boys. No longer DuckyDucklings… but Ducky Ducks : )


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