Curly drake tails! & filled out chubby Call duck cheeks!

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October 10, 2012 by janem213

(Sat) All of the three young new boys (Barton, Choccy and Sonny) are now getting their curly drake tails! My original three all still haven’t. Barton is looking very smart now with his new head feathers; all his down has gone. I’ll try and add some photos soon…

(Each night I get in it’s too dark to take any photos – hopefully sometime soon!)

(Wed) Brownie and Charlie now both have their curly tails! – – [See the next post for Brownie]

Curly drake tails! – Charlie, with Barton behind, and Sonny in front. Charlie is now looking quite brown & his head is suddenly very black:

and Choccy’s curly tail:

And here’s a better photo of Barton with his curly tail and his filled-out chubby Call duck cheeks – this is quite a good photo of them all looking nicely chubby cheeked : )


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