Quails! Hatched 27-29 January 2013

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February 10, 2013 by janem213

QUAILS! Hatched for someone at work…

In the incy evening of Thursday 10th January, 24 eggs

At candling at one week & before transfer to the hatcher, 7 infertile eggs removed leaving 17 eggs

Hatched 27th Jan (6.15pm) – 29 Jan (1pm), 10 baby quails!

They move so fast it’s hard to take photos, here are a few…

In the incy, 10th January


First egg to hatch (5 = laid on the 5th Jan)


D with one of his baby quails, 28th January


Baby quail in brooder with jam jar lid, 30th January


10 little bundles of fluff zipping about, 30th January

Growing so quickly, 3rd February

Getting their feathers, 5th February

Getting bigger and bigger, 9th February

The quails are going to D this Wednesday, 13th February.

The Jersey Giant chickens are due to hatch soon after then…!


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