More chickens: Orpingtons 17-18 March 2013

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March 29, 2013 by janem213

More chickens – Orpingtons, one of the largest common breeds of chicken.

In the incy Sunday 24th February, 24 eggs

Candling at one week, 16 infertile eggs removed leaving only 8 eggs   😦

1 egg never hatched… but the remaining 7 hatched within approx 28 hours

1 then died at 5 days leaving 6… Not the best of hatches!

I got the eggs from a breeder who breeds pure colours which are commonly found in black, blue, buff and white but others too. At the beginning of the year he lets all of them in together producing loads of different colours, which are effectively not closely related when they’re from pure bred colours. Well that was the plan……… All 7 were black, and then 1 died at 5 days… Not the best of hatches. They have now gone to their new home. Here are a few photos:

Not long until it hatches…

First one to hatch…

At 1 and 2 days old under the ‘electric hen’.

The day they left, almost 2 weeks old.

24 Welsh Harlequin duck eggs are already in the incy, due to hatch mid April…


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