Miniature chickens: Seramas 15-16 July 2013

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August 16, 2013 by janem213

From giant geese to miniature chickens – Seramas, the smallest breed of chicken in the world. Full grown adults are approximately the size of a can of Coke!

In the incy Sunday 27th June, 29 eggs from two different sources – 17 from someone on Preloved and 12 from someone else on ebay.

At two weeks, all but 1 of the 17 eggs had been removed and 3 of the 12; of the 17 none hatched : ( but 8 of the 12 hatched fine : )  (Such can be the nature of posted eggs, either the eggs were no good in the first place or they were adversely affected by their journey through the postal system.

8 hatched 15-16 July, a lovely variety of colours: white, white with spots, striped and black. Seramas are classified by weight as A, B and C, A being the smallest. The two white with spots and striped are definitely smaller than the other 5. Here are a few photos:


Just hatched, all different colours

2013-07-19 09.09.00-1

2 days old


2.5 weeks old

Next – more Welsh Harlequin duck eggs, due to hatch end of July…


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