More Jersey Giants and Dorking chickens 14-17 May 2013

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August 16, 2013 by janem213

More Jersey Giants (as earlier in the year) and Dorking chickens, one of the oldest breeds of chicken that date back to Roman times and unusually have 5 toes. As you may know, I come from Dorking in Surrey – I thought it would be nice to hatch some to keep, especially as they make excellent broodys (hens that are good at sitting on eggs) and next year I might be able to use them to hatch already-fertilised (hatching) eggs under them and save on the electricity bill!!

In the incy 23rd April, 53 eggs in 3 incubators (here, at Lou’s and at a friend of her’s called Lisa), 6 silver grey Dorking eggs the rest from JGs from 5 different sources…

Candling at one week, 11 eggs removed; at 2+ weeks another 7 removed… 26 hatched in all, 3 of them Dorkings  : )  Both Dorkings and Jersey Giants are feather sexable – you can tell their sex at a few days old with the females having longer feathers. All 3 Dorkings were girls but sadly one of them died at a few days old. The other two I kept [July – one of them Lou now has]. I also kept one of the JGs whose colouring was all wrong who I called Irene. [See “The Chickens” post to see her and the Dorkings]

A few photos:


The 24 eggs I incubated, the Dorkings (white) and different colours of JGs.


2013-05-  Blue

The first to hatch at Lisa’s house, Blue


A mixture of black, blue, splash and white JG chicks.


Some of the ones I hatched, the 3 stripey ones are the Dorkings.


The big Dorking at 2 weeks old.


At 9 weeks old. Note the five toes.


Same age. Detail showing detail of her feathers


Next giant geese!!


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