More Welsh Harlequins 25-28 July 2013

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August 16, 2013 by janem213

More Welsh Harlequins, this time from the family of Leslie Bonnet who founded the breed. The eggs were very cheap so I got a lot of eggs and instead of using the super-duper incubators that Lou and I have decided to use the cheapo incy I use as a hatcher, to dry new hatchlings and stop them ‘playing football’ with those still not hatched. Sadly this was not a success…

In the cheap incy Thursday 27th June, 54 eggs and 3 of Lou’s, 57 in all

By two weeks of the 57 only 17 remained and of those only 9 hatched. Not a great experiment : (

[If you note the dates you’ll see my super-duper incy was busy with the Serama eggs. After they had hatched I transferred the WH eggs into it but by then most had been lost.]

Some photos:


Some of the ducklings one and two days old.


Three boys who stayed til older, here at 2 weeks old


The same age, Call ducks looking on


Shortly afterwards two very special hatches happened : )


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