Welsh Harlequins 18-21 April 2013

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August 16, 2013 by janem213

[Excuse the late updates!]

The first ducks of the year! – Welsh Harlequins, the only Welsh breed of duck.

In the incy Sunday 21st March, 24 eggs – 11 off ebay and 13 from Lou

Candling at one week, 7 eggs removed; 11 hatched after the 4 weeks, 10 silver and 1 brown one from one of Lou’s duck’s eggs. The brown and 2 silvers stayed until they were three or so weeks old, the others went at a few days old.

Here are a few photos:


1 day old

WH 146 4 days old


Lots of ducklings (and lots of poo!)


3 stayed longer. Here they are first time outside with Barton and Choccy looking on.


Just before they left with their feathers coming through.



Next, more Jersey Giants and some Dorking chickens due to hatch mid May  : )


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