… and the Chickens!

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September 22, 2013 by janem213

The chickens are now very much at home. There are 5:

Irene, a Jersey Giant from the second JG hatch (14th May). She should be splash but she’s more white with only a few blue spots and has black legs, which again are not exactly ‘standard’ for the breed;

Dorking, one of the Dorkings I hatched who I initially called Moxy but is such a madam I now just call her Dorking;

Peggy, who I bought approx 6 weeks old, a Cuckoo Marans whose eggs will be a mid to dark brown when she starts laying;

Meggy, who was also approx 6 weeks old when I got her, a Cream Legbar who will lay blue eggs;

Lovey, a Lavender Araucana who will also lay blue eggs who I got a little later than the others who are all about the same age. She is about 2.5 weeks younger.

Here they are at about 11 weeks, Lovey 9.5 – from left to right: Peggy, Lovey, Meggy, Dorking and Irene


And at 17.5 weeks and 15, now huge and still growing: 20130913_085917

All being well they could start laying sometime late October/early November, Irene as a Jersey Giant, maybe late November…

No more hatching now until the spring. Probably!!


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