Yet more Welsh Harlequins! 11-13 September

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September 22, 2013 by janem213

Yet more Welsh Harlequins! I got a dozen hatching eggs from Llandudno which were Welsh Harlequins and possibly a few Aylesburys (archetypal white farmyard duck) and added 11 of Lou and Carl’s Welsh Harlequins and one last Dinky egg, found after she had left 😦  (Did I mention she and Lucky have been found a new home because Lou and Carl decided they were too loud after all…?)

At 7 days not one of the Llandudno eggs were showing fertile  😦  and neither was the last Dinky egg  😦 though at least I’d hatched some lovely ducklings from both Dinky’s and Lucky’s eggs before they went 🙂  Of the other 11, about 8 were looking good at 7 days……… just before hatching there were only 6 but out of these only 2 hatched 😦  but 2 lovely ducklings  :))


Here they are enjoying their first day outside today, aged 9 and 11 days old.


They’ll be going to their new home once they’re off heat and living happily outside. Being September this is going to take longer than with hatches earlier in the year.



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