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December 15, 2013 by janem213

On Wednesday 4th December I glanced in the chicken house after I’d let them out and to my surprise there was an egg there! My first thought was ‘how did that get there?!/who put that there?’!!! – the 4 older chickens are now 30/31 weeks old and the Lavender Araucana 28 weeks; chickens usually lay by 26 weeks (28 weeks for Jersey Giants) but if they are hatched late in the year may not start laying until the following spring, which is what by now I was eggs-pecting(!)

The egg is brown so has been laid by Peggy the Marans. She is an English Marans, the French varieties lay eggs that are much darker but they have feathered legs which aren’t much fun if the ground is muddy so I decided to have an English one. When (if ever) the others start laying their eggs will be white/cream (Jersey Giant, Dorking) and blue/blue-green (Cream Legbar, Lavender Araucana).

The next morning I hoped to see another egg but no… or the next day…… but then Saturday there was another one!! Hurrah! And I had a lovely breakfast, thanks to Peggy. And then, since then, nothing………… but then Lou suggested looking in the duck house – – and there they were!! 8 eggs! This evening (now yesterday evening) I did the first of what I am really looking forward to – gave 6 of them away in an egg box to a neighbour : )  Here are some photos:

20131203_083020 (1)

The first egg! This is the inside of their new super-duper plastic coop.

 2013-12-03 08.45.45

The ducks are not impressed!

2013-12-14 18.53.09

6 eggs ready to go to the neighbours – it is best not to wash them until you are about to eat them

2013-12-15 01.16.36 Peggy the Marans, top left, with the other 4 chickens and Bonnie and Baby WH in the pond; not sure where Clyde is, the three younger ducks are almost always together.


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