Correction! – Irene not Peggy!!

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December 29, 2013 by janem213

Definite confirmation today that it is Irene the Jersey Giant who has been laying, not Peggy! She’s laying quite a dark egg and with Peggy having such a dark red comb I assumed it was her, but it is definitely Irene. Jersey Giants do not tend to lay until around 28 weeks of age – 2, 4 or more weeks after other breeds – and yet she has been the first to start laying! (As I said previously, I had assumed they wouldn’t start laying until the spring as they were hatched quite late.)

Today I tried to video her singing the ‘egg song’ – she took ages to lay the egg and afterwards made no fuss at all! Each day she lays a couple of hours later and then missing a day or two and starts again. Here is a nice big photo of her this morning just after producing egg no 23 🙂   Clever girl! Keep at it!…

… and here are the other four awaiting her reappearance after going into the nest box earlier. Dorking/Flopsy bottom left, Peggy at the back, Meggy to the right and Lovey in the centre.

Irene’s eggs are a nice brown; Dorking/ Flopsy’s will be white/cream; Peggy’s should be a much darker brown than Irene’s, Meggy’s should be blue and Lovey’s blue/green (or the other way round, I forget).

It’s so lovely having the eggs… and this is with only one hen laying 🙂


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