Peggy’s dark eggs

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January 8, 2014 by janem213


After a day off yesterday Peggy laid her second egg this morning about 8 o’clock. It is the one in front to the left, above. Her first egg is the one on the front to the right, Irene’s paler eggs behind… they’re shortly off to their new home!!

A chicken in lay will produce an egg every 25-26 hours in summer and 27-28 hours in winter. Irene lays about 2 or 3 hours later each day, then skips a day and starts again about 8 a.m.. I expect Peggy will do more or less the same.

The two chickens laying, Peggy the Marans in front and Irene the Jersey Giant behind. Perspective is a wonderful thing.. Irene is actually larger than Peggy though you wouldn’t think so in this photo.


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