Bye bye Barton, Choccy and Sonny : )

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March 21, 2014 by janem213

Decided to find Barton, Choccy and Sonny a new home…
About 18 months ago I had my my first hatch – Call Ducks: Charlie, Snowy (both of whom I still have) and others. The girls, being very noisy, went across the road to Lou and Carl along with Indy, the Black East Indian duck. To keep Charlie and Snowy company I got three more boys from someone near Preston – Barton, Choccy and Sonny. Barton was the name of a village on the way.
Last summer we hatched the offspring of Indy and the two girls, Lucky and Dinky. By this time Brownie was also across the road – Dinky had ducklings with Donald the Welsh Harlequin and Brownie, Lucky with Indy. I kept the two Lucky and Indy ducklings, 2 boys who I named Bonnie and Clyde. Shortly afterwards Lucky and Dinky went to their new home where they could make as much noise as they wanted – true to type they were extremely loud. Lucky was my favourite girl and it is great to have couple of her ducklings, particularly with Indy as their dad – sadly, this year Indy disappeared. (He probably managed to fly over the fence and away, and best case scenario has found a new home with other ducks, though not being predator savvy this is unlikely.)
So…….along with the 5 chickens I have had 8 ducks (Charlie, Snowy, Bonnie, Clyde and Baby, the runt Welsh Harlequin – plus the 3 this post is about). I decided to find the 3 I hadn’t hatched myself a new home and they’ve now gone to a lovely family who live near Stoke on Trent. Here is a picture of them just before they left.

(L to R – Choccy, Sonny and Barton the silver apricot)

That leaves me with 5 chickens and 5 ducks, all of which I’ve hatched myself, and which are like my ‘children’ and ‘grandchildren’.


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