1st proper hatch of 2014 – Leghorn chickens and other breeds

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March 30, 2014 by janem213

Last year I had quail eggs in the incubator mid January, which had hatched by the end of the month; this year I waited a bit longer…

I only hatch birds that I expect to be able to find homes for. With this in mind I bought some eggs of chickens that lay really dark brown ones – French Marans that have feathered legs (not English Marans, like Peggy, whose legs are not feathered and so are easier to keep but whose eggs are not half as dark as French Marans) and Welsummer… However Lou (who also hadn’t started incubating) was having a rough time so I gave them to her to cheer her up………….

I then got some eggs of breeds that are really prolific layers (again, ones that should be easy to find homes for): 32 Leghorns in different colours, 6 Rhode Island Red, 5  barred Plymouth Rock (all three among the best laying pure breeds in the world) and a few others: 2 Vorwerk, 2 Appenzeller and 1 Brahma. Lou and I each had 24 eggs, a mix of all 48 eggs which came from two different sources… The Rhode Island Red is mentioned in the next post, for a special reason  : )

In the incy evening of Saturday 15th February 2014

Candling at one week, of all 48 eggs 13 infertile eggs removed leaving 35 eggs

Candling at two weeks, another 3 eggs were removed leaving 32 eggs

Of those 30 hatched, 17 of mine and 13 of Lou’s 8th-12th March 2014: 22 Leghorns, 3 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Plymouth Rock, 2 Vorwerk and 1 Brahma.

Here are the first 4 hatched – the oldest 2 which are black Leghorns, with a white Leghorn behind and the fourth hatched, a Rhode Island Red.

A mixture of Leghorns – black, exchequer (black mottled) and white.


Some of the other breeds – Plymouth Rock at the front, Vorwerk and a Leghorn behind, Rhode Island Red by the drinker, other Leghorns & another RIR behind.


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