Giant Geese! 15-17 March

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April 12, 2014 by janem213

Last year I tried to hatch two lots of giant goose eggs, the first of which was no good (0/4) but the second of which went really well (5/6 – with this particular breed you expect only half to hatch). They were Giant Exhibition Dewlap Toulose geese – a show version of the utility French breed.

On ebay one day I noticed some goose eggs of another giant breed, the Flemish. I put a bid on, on a whim (why is that almost always a mistake!!), and won them. That was the easy bit…

…it was followed by another easy bit: of 6 eggs most developed well and 3 of them hatched – the main thing is to not have only one hatch and be alone, especially with geese and ducks. They were lovely – there is something very special about goslings compared to, say, ducklings. Goslings are more sentient and you can almost have a conversation with them. They are also great fun. Being giant geese though they grew very quickly… and being very rare in the UK there was not the interest as with the GEDT last year…

…the hard bit was finding a home for them. There were only 3 people genuinely interested: The first on investigation lived in a small house with a postage stamp sized back garden (being giant geese they need a lot of room). The second was much more local, already had geese but kept me hanging on and on and in the end made an excuse (true or not) to not have them. They were then over 2 weeks old and over a foot tall (not the plan!!!) and just when I was wondering what on earth I’d do I had an enquiry from a couple who were very keen. Who live on a boat!!! The goslings now live beside a narrow boat with a lovely couple who are besotted with them. They (the people) have a large area of land, a horse and dogs and have previously had geese. The goslings are definitely in the right place now, with people who really care for them – but it took some doing!

In the incy 13th February 2014

Candling at one week, of 6 eggs 5 looked good.

Week by week another egg was removed leaving 3 at the hatch…

All 3 hatched : )

Here are some photos:
No 1, one day old

2 days later – No.s 2, 3 + 1

9 days later – No.s 2, 3 + 1. Soon off to their new home…


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